Take Back the YWCA of Troy-Cohoes!

A group of accomplished and spirited staff of the Troy-Cohoes YWCA in 2003, on the occasion of the visit of
Anita Roddick (first row, left)

And then what Happened?

Why was the skilled and tremendously successful team, dedicated to the empowerment of women, driven from the organization?

Who hijacked the YWCA of Troy-Cohoes and why?

How was an organization that has for many years had collaborative decision-making, a very effective culture of empowerment, a fiscally stable track record (as of June, 2005), and popular programs and services that were innovative and highly successful, transformed - nearly overnight - into a toxic, abusive and autocratic environment that operates in secrecy and silences empowered women?

Why is the membership of this YW, including five past board presidents as well as the community-at-large, outraged by the manner in which this organization is now being governed?

If You Are ....

  • Interested in learning the answers to these questions and more
  • Committed to the empowerment of women and the elimination of racism
  • Worried that, because of the current governance, the YWCA of Troy-Cohoes, historically run by and for women, faces the very real threat of extinction
  • In support of recovering this YWCA so that it can once again operate its programs and services in an empowering environment that provides women with the tools and resources they need to craft the life they want for themselves
Find out more .... Discover what you can do .... Join a committed group of women and men working for real, immediate change at the YWCA .... Participate in the re-birth of this local women's organization .... email us at: sallyc@takebacktheywca.org
"Empowerment is after all a collaborative venture. It shuns secrecy and relationships characterized by 'power-over' others. It practices instead, the art of many persons sharing 'power with' each other. May we all succeed in recognizing the value of power that comes from working together with each other in a community free of coercion and fear." Pat Dinkelaker, Executive Director, YWCA of Troy-Cohoes, 1997-2005, summarily terminated 7/05

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